Existing Building Condition Assessment

What is a Building Condition Assessment (BCA)? Why? And What Does it Include?

Building Condition Assessment

  • A BCA evaluates the condition of the existing buildings structural foundation and superstructure, mechanical systems including heating and cooling, as well as the building's envelope performance.

  • It may also include the exterior elements of the property including site grading and drainage, condition of roadway and servicing infrastructure and lighting.

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Why Perform a BCA?

  • A BCA should be completed, similar to a home inspection, prior to purchasing an existing property to discover any faults that may impact a redevelopment.

  • Another common use is for property maintenance requested by a property manager or owner to identify any property issues that may require improvements.  

  • It is recommended that a licensed Engineer and licensed Architect perform the evaluation and delivery a comprehensive report to the client. 

 Items May Include...


  1. Building site (topography, drainage, retaining walls, paving, curbing, lighting)
  2. Building envelope (windows and walls)
  3. Structural (foundation and framing)
  4. Interior elements (stairways, hallways, common areas)
  5. Roofing systems
  6. Mechanical systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  7. Plumbing
  8. Electrical systems
  9. Vertical transportation (elevators and escalators)
  10. Life safety, ADA, code compliance, air quality (fire codes, accessibility, water intrusion, mold)
  11. Optionally: site-specific testing, like infrared thermography for energy loss, air leakage, roofing and building envelope moisture intrusion