Deep Energy Retrofit

 There are three key benefits to embarking upon a Deep Energy Retrofit for your property. Our team specializes in helping modernize your building's existing systems to achieve these results.  

Reduce operating costs

Enhance tenant comfort

Improve our environment  

Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) is the analysis of an entire building's operating system to find areas for improvement.  While many improvements can yield an increase in energy efficiency (like adding solar panels or upgrading systems or equipment), a DER looks at a homes insulation and air tightness as a requirement to move toward a "close to" net zero energy home. 

Although a DER may be more challenging to execute and construct, the energy efficiency can improve by up to 50% more than a standard upgrade or improvement project.

According to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, when executed properly, DERs can significantly improve the energy performance of a building's thermal envelope, help manage indoor environmental pollutants, and increase homeowner comfort.

Node is intimately familiar with this process and our approach allows us to make changes in phases to transform multi-family buildings to high energy efficiency and low cost 

How Do You Deep Retrofit?

  1. We perform a Condition Assessment to determine the current condition of the building by analyzing the historic energy use and detailed survey.

  2. A Feasibility Report outlines recommended building improvements, and integrates energy modeling and cost analysis.

  3. Our comprehensive Recommendation Reports provide client-specific strategies including pricing options associated with energy procurement.

  4. We educate our clients to ensure decisions are made that best reduce energy usage and operational cost.

  5. Building envelopes, HVAC, and plumbing systems may be updated separately, or as an entire package, to allow flexibility in continued operations and budget adherence.    

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