FISP - How Long is a Cycle and What Happens if You Miss it?

Each cycle turn is 5 years.  Example, if you filed in 2015, your next cycle begins

in February 2020.  It is considered as Cycle 9.  Each cycle ranges two years. 

There are many buildings in New York, so try not to consider that extra time. 

Everyone will be working on the same filings.                                                           

                                                                Filing Fees

Initial Report


Amended or Subsequent Report


Extension Request (per 90 days)


                                                        Filing Penalties 

Late Filing – 1st Report


Failure to File – 1st Report


Failure to Correct Unsafe Conditions


Note : Failure to file can cause additional penalties, and late filings can be penalized

retroactively from initial deadline.  Please check with Us or the D.O.B. for further details.