Local Law 11 - Increased Importance During COVID19 - UPDATE


With ever changing circumstances due to Covid19 in New York City, we strive to update our clients and readers as often as possible.

Governor Cuomo has most recently informed the construction industry that all non-essential construction must halt and fines will be dispersed for those that continue starting March 31st, 2020. The question of what construction is essential v. nonessential arises.  

For more information DIRECT from the NYC D.O.B. on how this affects Engineering and FISP (LL11) Click Here.

Only façade restoration work considered necessary to correct conditions labeled as UNSAFE in a Local Law 11 Façade Inspection Report, or necessary to address any condition requiring immediate corrective action that severely affects life, health, safety, property, or significant number of persons CAN continue during this suspension of non-essential construction work. As a reminder, there must be appropriate protection (e.g. sidewalk shed) to protect the public. For further information, including Violation FAQs Click Here. 

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FISP - Safety & Necessity

In light of the accidents that have occurred due to unsafe facade conditions have been occurring, with the most recent in December 2019. Even during times of Covid19, these issues must be attended to.  The new cycle has also brought on new D.O.B. FISP rules  Click Here

Our team is taking all safety precautions for themselves, as well as for the city by maintaining operations and ensuring no delays.  The safety of New Yorkers is at utmost importance and maintaining operations remains a necessity.