REMINDER! - NYC Department of Buildings Reopening Guidance – NYC Construction Activity


As a reminder from our previous blog, NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) continues their citywide inspection sweep of every permitted site to verify compliance with State and City Phase 1 restart requirements. Effective, Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 sites found out of compliance will be subjected to violations that carry financial penalties of $5,000 per violation with the potential for a Stop Work Order.


Continued noncompliance may result in additional summonses with accompanying civil penalties of up to $10,000 for each offense. If during DOB’s sweep, any Construction Code and Electrical Code non-compliance are observed, Inspectors will take appropriate enforcement actions, including the potential issuance of violations with monetary penalties.

If a single Phase 1 restart violating condition is observed on site beginning, July 8th, 2020 – your site will be assessed a violation that carries a financial penalty of $5,000. If your site does not have a Safety Plan and State Affirmation conspicuously posted and/or is lacking a proper hand hygiene station, your site will be issued a Stop Work Order in addition to the financial penalty.  

The Safety Planyou must have on-site should be filled-out completely and posted for all to see. The Safety Plan’s intent is to outline how the workplace will prevent the spread of COVID-19. Your State Affirmation should be posted as well. All sites must also provide and maintain (at least one) hand hygiene station that is accessible for all personnel. This could include a hand washing station with soap, water, and paper towels, or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60% or more alcohol for areas where hand washing is not feasible.

As City Employees performing essential regulatory duties, DOB Inspectors and other Field Staff with face coverings who visit construction sites are self-monitoring for any COVID-19 symptoms every day to ensure they do their work safely for themselves and the public. As such, Inspectors and Field Staff are not subject to screening and must be permitted access to a construction site. Failure to provide access will result in the issuance of a Stop Work Order.

For additional information on the Phase 1 re-opening, please visit you have any questions, please reach out to the NYC DOB Directly via email to

Source - NYC DOB