Tenant Fit- Outs - How to Ensure a Smooth Process

Tenant fit-outs have many benefits like long term leases and higher rental potential, but how can a landlord ensure a smooth and profitable process?  And how can a tenant feel confident their wishes will be achieved?  Here are some tips from our Project Architects at Node!       

Stay on Budget

Staying on Top of Cost - Transparency between parties, and initial cost estimating with consistent updating to make sure project is delivered on budget.


On Time Deliverables - Changes to any information delivered up to the Design Development phase should not be made, once DD drawings are finalized, commit.


Prompt Response Time - Drawing reviews by clients should be done in a timely matter.  If a large number of items need changing, supporting documents with justification must be provided. 

Stay on Schedule

Work Letter - Have a clear indication of responsibilities for all parties involved and adhere to the early design process. Establish long lead items early in the design process to ensure prompt delivery and installation.


Coordination & Collaboration - Implement the maximum amount of live, in person or video, progress meetings to review Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document drawings.

Communication - Clearly define vision in Pre-design phase and make no changes once phase is completed.