The NEW New York City Office Space

How is COVID-19 Affecting Tenant Fit-Outs and Office Space Design?

As we begin to reach some sort of normalcy we find 50% occupancy a requirement in many buildings to increase work space, but what does that mean for future office designs? Re-designs? Fit-outs? How can we make our work spaces safe and healthy?

The First Steps

Small Changes to Aid Employee Return

Re-Arrange Open Work Spaces to include a 6 foot distance, implement barriers and walk clockwise throughout the office 

Allow for Video Conferencing for those within the office and for those still at home.

Enhance Cleaning and Safety Measures. Provide hand washing stations where available. Where not available, provide hand sanitizer for all employees.

One Step Further

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

ERV - Energy Recovery Ventilation systems are increasing in popularity as they generate superior indoor air quality 

Keep Indoor Air Clean-by way of two fans, ERVs draw clean fresh air into office space, or a home, and remove stale air.  

Consider Deep Retrofitting for the entire space by ERV implementation, re-evaluating energy consumption through lighting, and replacing windows to triple glazed for energy efficiency.