NODE AEC  is a Multi disciplinary Innovative Architecture Engineering and Consulting firm with a diverse portfolio of small and large scale works. 

Founded in 2010 in New York City, we are driven by responsibility, innovation and collaboration while never losing sight of client goals and investments.  We have crafted a broad range of works with a unified process of architecture and engineering working hand in hand. Offering integrated services, and having a multidisciplinary team under one roof, leads to clear communication and excellent project management. 

Our diverse and talented teams' capabilities will guide you through all phases of project development.  Our goal is to be your most trusted partner, by listening to your dreams and visions, and transforming them into reality all while educating you on the process. 

At NODE AEC we are very conscious about the works we create and we believe that the right design can propel us all to living a better life.  Like most of our designs, we are highly focused on Passive House principles and go above and beyond environmental requirements.  We want to enhance the quality of life by the environments we create for our clients and the surrounding community.  Let's collaborate!  


Our Team