Charlotte Gardens, The Bronx

Blocks from Crotona Park and world famous Bronx Zoo, this building surpasses sustainability goals.  It's prime location offers easy commuting for residents with proximity to the New York City Subway and Cross Bronx Expressway. Historically considered part of the "re-birth" of the Bronx, Charlotte Gardens hosts a community feel with long term residents.

This seven story multi-residential building is 100% Passive House Pre-Certified, and another new addition to the Passive House movement in The Bronx.  This singular building is actually comprised of two which are connected by a firewall.  Each 7 story "building" consists of over 12,200 square feet and 12 dwelling units with cellar and sub cellar.  With just under 400 square feet for each unit, communal laundry has been added accommodate living space and convenience.  For additional enjoyment, a recreational area is added on the cellar level that connects to a rear yard, while a cooking area is added on the 7th floor terrace. 

The building hosts a high performance envelope cladded with solar panels, and contains a continuous solar panel structure above the roof.  Passive House Certified windows and doors are used throughout the building.  Passive house windows and energy recovery ventilation systems create superior air quality throughout the indoor spaces adding green living both indoors and out.  The ERV systems draw clean fresh air into interior spaces by way of two fans and remove stale air.  A sustainable effort, and benefit, that is increasing in popularity and importance for new design builds and developers.