La Grande Boucherie

La Grande Boucherie is a classic French restaurant creating a Parisian square in the heart of Midtown, New York City. This establishment offers a 5,500 square foot interior and 6,000 square foot exterior dining area in the outdoor plaza. The Gallery (outdoor plaza) is located between 6th & 7th Avenue and stretches the length of the block. It features an arched skylight, floor and aerial heating, and air curtains at the entrances. This heated outdoor walkway allows for cross ventilation to help protect patrons and staff while providing enhanced comfort.

The interior design pays homage to the Art Nouveau style, making this space a truly special experience. From the antique, 150-year old ceilings and the XIX century Hotel Particulier mounted above the bar, to curved and mirrored walls with 20-foot ceilings and a cathedral like plaza, this establishment is a treat in French décor and craftsmanship. Utility is always important as well; close attention was paid to heating & cooling and spacing & seating allotments to allow for a more safe, comfortable atmosphere. Our team replaced the HVAC system (to include HEPA filters) and during COVID, tables are sectioned off with clear dividers offering maximum protection for diners.

Node’s design solution takes advantage of the airy covered galley to provide seating for 174, even with restrictions. Indoors, the space can accommodate up to 100 even with social distancing, but we anticipate future seating to reach 400 after the pandemic.