Lagano Bar

Located on a busy thoroughfare in Queens, Lagano Bar is an exciting new addition in an area with many eclectic dining options. Designed with “modern-meets-comfort” in mind, this 2,670 square foot restaurant includes a cellar, interior seating, and an outdoor patio with multi-level dining areas. 

As you approach Lagano, the large windows flank each side of the building, encouraging natural light into the space and paying homage to the biophilic design approach. The use of color, material, and furnishings elevate the design and evoke a luxurious and comfortable environment. The use of bright  turquoise and red, and rich greenery placed both inside and outside, is accentuated by decorative, moss-covered pendants. Emphasizing the design are gold, black, and white fixtures throughout and velvet chairs and a continuous sofa offer enveloping shapes to complete the overall experience. 

In addition to the visual aesthetic, the space is functionally organized to maximum seating capacity while also provide privacy in an intimate setting. The interior floor plan ensures the smooth movement of staff and guests while the refinement of shapes and proportions delivers an eclectic and innovative, elegant yet informal environment where the interior seamlessly integrates with the lush outdoor landscape.