Nestled on a quiet lot in North Fork on Long Island, this custom home was built from the ground up. Inspiration drew from Craftsman style homes with contemporary twists and an emphasis on Passive House details. With four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and an adjacent pool/guest house, the home consists of 2,800sf. As a weekend getaway, the simple lines create interest and mimic the angles of the home's placement. The proper orientation was crucial for optimal passive energy standards. The beautiful sound proof triple insulated windows follow the same sleek lines, maximize views without obstruction, and increase air quality.

Largest Overcome Challenge : When designing the home, orientation and placement of the house were our primary focus.  In order to utilize the most passive benefits, building location, along with day lighting and thermal mass, were crucial considerations of passive solar construction.  Calculating exact directions to compliment the surroundings, watching the stages of sunlight throughout different periods of the day, and then designing a complimentary design all provided satisfying, yet challenging, results.