Elmhurst Terrace

Located along the busy thoroughfare of Astoria Boulevard, where significant commercial and residential structures intertwine, you will find our latest mixed use development; complex in planning and design.  The East Elmhurst neighborhood, located in the northwest section of Queens  near Flushing Bay Promenade, LaGuardia Airport and Citi Field is a desirable neighborhood for new development. The unique development of Elmhurst Terrace started with complex zoning lot merger and subdivision, followed by many hours of research to best utilize the space and maximize rent-ability. 

The original four zoning lots were merged to create two separate lots; one with singular zoning and one tax lot, while the other contained one zoning lot with five tax lots. Each tax lot has the option to be sold separately.  The individual buildings are noticed with the rear building view and their staggered layout.  The steep upward slope from Astoria Blvd. along 106th Street presented opportunities for more unique, private and scaled residential rear site access with private residential entrances on the 2nd floor level through the commonly shared terrace.  This keeps the busier Astoria Blvd side exclusive to commercial storefronts and entrances.  Spatial organization and orientation,  triple glazed windows, energy recover ventilation system, and blue roof designs all reflect Passive House design principles that Node incorporates into all designs. 

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